12 interesting facts about Zagreb

Facts about Zagreb

Despite the fact that Zagreb is not the most popular european capital among the tourists, this city deserves your attention. Really! Most of travellers that arrive Croatia go straight to the resorts, using the capital as a transit point only. But in fact Zagreb is amazing ancient city, and it’s much more interesting than any usual beach. By the way, prices are pretty low here, so this city is accessible to most of the tourists.

Top facts about Zagreb

  • This city is half a century older than Moscow, a capital of Russia, which is a really ancient one.
  • In the past, Zagreb was called Agranum.
  • In the 13th century, the city was almost completely destroyed by the Batu Khan of Mongolia.
  • New York has 10 times larger population than Zagreb.
  • According to the percentage of the city area occupied by museums, Zagreb is in the first place among all cities in the world.
  • There are more than 20 theatres here. They are very popular among the locals.
  • Most of people here don’t like dogs, but almost everyone here has a home cat.
  • Free Wi-Fi in Zagreb is available almost everywhere. The signal can be caught on most streets.
  • Zagreb’s public transport system is recognized as the safest in the world. For 100 years even a single person hasn’t suffered during the use of it.
  • There is the world’s shortest city funicular, the length of the line is only 216 feet (66 meters) only. It connects two districts of the city.
  • Zagreb has 25 sister cities. One of them is London, UK.
  • The first regular newspapers here began to be published in 1784.

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