16 interesting facts about the Caribbean sea

Facts about the Caribbean sea

The Caribbean sea has always had a halo of pirate romance thanks to the popularization of this theme. Of course, the real pirate life in bygone times would be difficult to call as romantic, but valuable treasures lie at the seabed here with sunken ships to this day. By the way, sailors of the ages of the sailing fleet had enough problems without any pirates — Caribbean sea is famous for its fierce storms.

Top facts about the Caribbean sea

  • The waters of the Caribbean sea furrowed more pirates than any other one.
  • Most of Caribbean Islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus.
  • The depth of the Caribbean sea reaches 7989 meters (26210 feet) at the deepest point.
  • The thickness of the sediment layer on the seabed here reaches one kilometer (0,7 mile).
  • The water surface temperature in the Caribbean sea hardly changes during the year. The range of fluctuations is 3-5 degrees only.
  • There are more than 13 thousand species of plants grow on the islands and shores of the Caribbean sea. About 50% of them don’t grow anywhere else in the world.
Caribbean sea shore
Panama, Caribbean shore
  • About 90% of all local forests have been destroyed since the discovery of the Caribbean sea by europeans.
  • More than 115 million people live on the shores of the Caribbean sea.
  • 98% of all islands in the Caribbean sea are uninhabited nowadays.
  • Earthquakes are rare here, but we can’t say the same about hurricanes.
  • This region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
  • One of the national dishes in Barbados, the island in the Caribbean sea, is made of flying fish.
  • The Caribbean sea is connected to the ocean now, but ages ago it was an inland sea.
  • There has never been a tsunami in the history of observation here.
  • Global warming threatens to kill many coral reefs in the Caribbean. More than 95% of all reefs are now affected.
  • About half a million tons of fish are caught annually in the Caribbean sea.

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