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55 interesting facts about Cairo

Cairo is a real oasis in the vast desert. This bustling city is the heart of Egypt, and its history goes back to ancient times. Cairo is the cultural and economic center of the entire region nowadays, and millions of people adore this city for its oriental charm.


35 interesting facts about Caracas

The capital of Venezuela, Caracas, is on the list of the most dangerous cities in the world. Extremely high unemployment rate and poverty have led to an unprecedented increase in crime, and most of the city is a slum that lives by its own laws nowadays.


25 interesting facts about Johannesburg

Wanna visit Johannesburg? This is one of the most interesting cities of South Africa, but it isn’t safe unfortunately… Constantly increasing crime rate, street gangs, tense criminal situation – that’s the face of modern Johannesburg.


30 interesting facts about Jakarta

Jakarta is able to shock an unprepared traveler. This city seems to live its own hectic and noisy life, and it is not easy to understand the local realities. The bustling and densely populated capital of Indonesia has a unique charm, and it does not leave anyone indifferent. It’s either loved or not.

Mexico City

25 interesting facts about Mexico City

Mexico city is a very bright and colorful city, and many tourists fall in love with it at first sight. Some of neighborhoods here are unsafe, but nothing bad would happen to a curious guest if you follow basic precautions. This magnificent city is worth visiting at least once.


15 interesting facts about Bucharest

The ancient city of Bucharest is not very popular among tourists, but why? Its streets literally breathe history, and spending a vacation or at least a weekend here is a great idea, especially if you’re more into culture than into beaches and tropical paradise.

Dwarf planets

35 interesting facts about dwarf planets

Dwarf planets are similar to regular ones, but their gravity power is too low to let them take a dominant position in their surroundings. At the same time, they can theoretically exceed the size of ordinary planets, although there are no such examples yet.


40 interesting facts about Pluto

Despite the fact that Pluto has lost its status as a planet, the interest of scientists in it hasn’t faded. Several unmanned spacecrafts will explore its surface in next decade, and we will undoubtedly learn a lot about it. Exploring Pluto may shed light on the mystery surrounding the origin of the Solar System.


50 interesting facts about Mercury

The planet Mercury is almost unexplored until now. Getting there is extremely difficult, and any spacecraft approaching it will have to withstand the monstrous temperature due to the proximity of the Sun. But perhaps, human settlements will be built on Mercury someday… Who can say for sure now?


40 interesting facts about Saturn

The gas planet Saturn attracts the attention of many astronomers because of its rings. It is It’s known now that other gas giants have rings also, but in the past, Saturn was considered utterly unique. Perhaps, his rings will become a source of valuable resources for humanity in the future.