Facts about Salzburg

16 Interesting Facts About Salzburg

It’s impossible not to visit the amazing city of Salzburg if you’re gonna visit Austria. Vienna is also beautiful, of course, but don’t compare the magnificent capital with the provincial charm of the old town.

Top facts about Tobolsk

17 Interesting Facts About Tobolsk

Russian city of Tobolsk, located in the Northern part of Siberia, in the Tyumen region has a rich history full of interesting facts. It began with the foundation of a small fortress…

Top facts about Quito

18 Interesting Facts About Quito

The Ecuadorian capital Quito is an interesting and original city. The colonial architecture is fully preserved here, and the customs of the indigenous population intricately intertwined with the Spanish traditions.

Top facts about Mumbai

33 Interesting Facts About Mumbai

The giant metropolis of Mumbai is one of the most famous cities in India, and sometimes it shocks foreigners that arrive to the country of spices the first time. Noisy and crowded, this city never calms down.

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