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Facts about icebergs

25 Interesting Facts About Icebergs

Despite the fact that they can pose a serious danger to ships, icebergs are beautiful and amazing. As there are no two identical snowflakes in the world, so there are no two identical icebergs.

Facts about rivers

27 Interesting Facts About Rivers

All civilizations on Earth were born around rivers, so their importance for humanity can’t be overestimated. This is water, food, transport artery, and natural border.

Facts about sea of Okhotsk

13 Interesting Facts About The Sea of Okhotsk

Cold sea of Okhotsk is very important for local navigation nowadays. If you take a map of this region and put on it all the sea routes, there will be the intersection of a huge variety of lines indicating the routes of fishing and merchant sea vessels.

Facts about the Sargasso sea

15 Interesting Facts About Sargasso sea

Such an amazing natural phenomenon as the Sargasso sea has been in the focus of scientists’ attention for several centuries. And even though it has long been known how and why it was formed, it does not become less amazing.