50 Interesting Facts About Jupiter

Jupiter is so huge that the Earth could sink into it easily. This gas planet is second in size to the Sun only, and its powerful gravity protects our planet from the comets and asteroids.


50 Interesting Facts About Venus

In the past, people believed that Venus is an Earth-like planet. But the reality turned out to be much more severe, and the first explorations uncovered that this planet is a real infernal cauldron.


55 Interesting Facts About Mars

Mars is a new frontier for humanity. We’ve visited the Moon, and the next destination is the red planet. Who knows, perhaps the first human Martians will be born there in this century?


20 Interesting Facts About Eris

The dwarf planet Eris has a very interesting history. When it was discovered, it was almost given the status of a planet! But the discovery of Eris became a catalyst for some changes in the scientific community.


35 Interesting Facts About Titan

What do we know about Titan, a moon of Saturn? It’s Earth-like in some ways, there are lakes, rivers, clouds, and rains, but it’s really cold there. However, the thick atmosphere protects the surface from radiation, and perhaps the first extraterrestrial colony of humanity will appear on Titan instead of Mars.


20 Interesting Facts About Sedna

Sedna is located so far away that it is extremely difficult to see it. This frozen celestial body needs thousands of years for one revolution around the Sun.

Star facts

50 Interesting Facts About The Stars

The number of stars in the Universe is infinite if we guess that the Universe is infinite itself. We can neither prove nor disprove that by now, and there’s no way something might change soon.

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