Facts about quartz

10 Interesting Facts About Quartz

Few people think about the fact that quartz is everywhere, it literally surrounds us and is present in most of the stones that are just lying under our feet. Thanks to such prevalence quartz have the widest distribution, it is used in different areas of the industry, and lots of inventions habitual to us are based on properties of this mineral.

Top amazing facts about quartz

  • Granite is so shiny due to the fact that all of its species are partially composed of quartz.
  • Quartz is the most widespread mineral in the earth’s crust. About 12% of its mass is quartz mixed with other minerals.
  • The color of pure impurity-free quartz is almost transparent or white. But usually, it’s colored brightly because of the presence of other minerals in its composition.
  • Most often, quartz is found in granite, but sometimes people find it pure and clear. However, it happens infrequently, as it requires the coincidence of a number of geological conditions.
  • Quartz occurs in all colors except blue in nature. Blue one is created artificially only.
  • The process of artificial synthesis of quartz is quite simple and cheap, so most of it is produced in this way.
  • This mineral is used in glass production.
  • For some unknown reason, pieces of quartz often consist of symmetrical and identical accreted crystals.
  • The word “quartz” came from the German language, and originally it meant “solid”.
  • Such popular in the jewelry business stones as amethyst, rauchtopaz, and citrine are varieties of quartz.

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