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Amazing facts about Gibraltar

20 Interesting Facts About Gibraltar

A small piece of British Overseas Terrytory named Gibraltar is a great place to visit. Take the good old English tradition, mix it with the mild Mediterranean climate, and you have Gibraltar.

Top facts about Niue

20 Interesting Facts About Niue

Tiny country Niue is located on the island of the same name in the Pacific ocean. It won’t be easy to find it on the map without some help though.

15 Interesting Facts About Aruba

If there’s a piece of paradise on Earth, it’s here in Aruba. At least locals of this island say so 🙂 The mild climate without destructive typhoons, clean sea and bright sun attract…

Facts about Vatican

24 Interesting Facts About Vatican

The Vatican is a real repository of priceless monuments of history and culture, among other things, and this tiny theocratic state is respected throughout the world.

Facts about Tuvalu

20 Interesting Facts About Tuvalu

The Polynesian state of Tuvalu, once known as the “Ellice Islands”, is a former colony that once formed an administrative entity with the Islands of Kiribati.