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16 Interesting Facts About Salzburg

It’s impossible not to visit the amazing city of Salzburg if you’re gonna visit Austria. Vienna is also beautiful, of course, but don’t compare the magnificent capital with the provincial charm of the old town, which still retained its historical appearance. However, in recent years most tourists have agreed with this opinion, so the number of guests in this city is growing up year by year.

Fun facts about Salzburg

  • This city is located just 3 miles (about 5 km) away from the Austrian-German border.
  • In the XIV century, a third of the population of Salzburg died during the plague that devastated almost half of Europe.
  • Every third resident of Salzburg works in the tourism sector.
  • Locals proudly call Salzburg the musical capital of Austria, hinting at the largest music festival which is held here, but the people of Vienna usually do not agree with them 🙂
  • In past, this city lived at the expense of salt extraction. It got its name after it because in German “salz” means “salt”. So Salzburg’s name can be translated as “salt city”.
  • The historical part of Salzburg is well preserved to this day. It was fully recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.
Salzburg facts
Hohensalzburg, an ancient fortress in Salzburg
  • The ancient brewery, which began work at the end of the XV century, still works here.
  • The unemployment rate in Salzburg is lower than in all other Austrian cities.
  • In the 18th century, Catholics expelled all Protestants from the city.
  • Mozart, one of the greatest composers of all time, was born here in Salzburg.
  • Primitive people lived on this land in the Stone age.
  • Salzburg is home to the oldest nunnery not only in Austria but also in all German-speaking countries.
  • There are 15 museums and 4 universities in Salzburg.
  • The fortress of Hohensalzburg can be reached by cable car from the old town of Salzburg. This cable road was built for this purpose specially.
  • The historical nickname of the inhabitants of Salzburg is “bull washermen”. Historians attribute this to the fact that the local butchers living right on the banks of the river flowing through the city were washing the meat in this river’s waters.
  • Salzburg football team is considered one of the strongest in the country. In the 90s, it won the Austrian championship 3 times.

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