Facts about the savanna biome

20 Amazing Facts About The Savanna Biome

The savanna is a really unique biome. It is home to rare animals and endemic plants that are not found anywhere else in the world.

  • All the savanna biomes on Earth are located in the sub-equatorial geographical zone only.
  • The animals of the savanna are very diverse, depending on the specific habitat. The most famous are those that live in Africa.
  • Savanna biomes are found on all the continents of the earth, with the exception of Antarctica, which is covered with ice.
  • Most of the entire herbaceous vegetation in these climatic regions is cereals.
  • The savanna differs from steppes, first of all, by the presence of trees and bushes.
The Savanna biome
In some areas, the savanna looks like a desert
  • There’s no summer, fall, winter, or spring here. But there are still four seasons, two long and two short dry and rainy seasons.
  • They occupy the largest area in Africa and the smallest in North America. Most people don’t even know about the savanna biomes outside of Africa at all.
  • In Brazil and Australia, the trees in the savanna grow so densely in places that they form real forests, even small ones.
  • Algae, mosses, and lichens in the savanna biome are found only on rocks and trees. Such climatic conditions don’t suit them very well, so they are rare here.
  • Powerful wildfires rage here from time to time. They are most often caused by either droughts or lightning strikes.

  • Some representatives of the local flora have adapted to such conditions. Baobabs, for example, accumulate so much moisture in their porous wood that it helps them not only survive a long drought but also not burn in wildfires.
  • Wildlife in many parts of the savanna has disappeared completely, as these vast areas are too actively used for cattle farming.
  • The famous African safari parks are located in the savanna, precisely. They occupy huge territories.
  • The largest of the animals in the savanna biome is the African elephant. This is generally the largest land animal on our planet.
  • Droughts here sometimes last for 2-3 months long. Some species of animals that live here go into hibernation during the drought, just as animals in cold zones go into hibernation during the winter.
Animals of the savanna biome
The animals of the savanna are constantly fighting for survival
  • Many savanna animals make very long marches at night when the heat subsides. They usually migrate in search of sources of water, which they constantly lack.
  • The most dangerous inhabitant of these parts is a rhino. These giants are easily infuriated, and they are able to crush any opponent who risks fighting them.
  • Small animals of the savanna biome are poorly adapted to migration, so during the dry season, they hibernate.
  • The most dangerous place here is the watering hole. Predators here lie in wait for herbivores who want to drink.
  • In the Australian savanna, the grass grows after the rains only, but with the onset of the dry season, it dries up again, exposing the ground.

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