Top facts about Niue

20 Interesting Facts About Niue

Tiny country Niue is located on the island of the same name in the Pacific ocean. It won’t be easy to find it on the map without some help, so it is not surprising that most people on Earth have not even heard of Niue. It is a small paradise island, and life here is calm and steady, without any political upheavals and wars.

Top amazing facts about Niue

  • The territory of Niue is home to a little more than 1.500 people. Btw, Tokelau, another pacific island, has approximately the same number of inhabitants (facts about Tokelau).
  • The capital of Niue is Alofi, and it’s not even a town, it’s just a village. Almost half the islanders live here, that’s slightly less than 7 hundred people.
  • The famous explorer James Cook, who discovered the island of Niue, named it Savage island because he got a bit scared of locals 🙂
  • The island officially renounced its independence in 1974 and became a New Zealand protectorate.
  • Niue is the world’s largest raised atoll, with an area of about 261.5 sq. kilometers (100.77 sq. miles).
Niue island
Niue really looks like paradise
  • The air temperature here is almost unchanged during the year, but in the daytime, the temperature can raise up to 37-40 C (98-104 F).
  • Hurricanes are not uncommon here, but about once every ten years Niue is hit by a particularly destructive cyclone 🙁
  • Niue has no rivers or lakes.
  • There are more than 620 species of plants, 175 of which are endemic ones.
  • The most popular sport in this country is rugby.

  • In local reserve is home to over 180 thousand different animals.
  • There are two official languages in the country: Niuean and English.
  • There is a single political party in Niue only.
  • The government of Niue has established diplomatic relations with only 11 countries. The USA is not one of them 🙂
  • Owing to emigration, the population of Niue isn’t increasing but decreasing.
Niue country
Niue oceanview
  • 15 times more Niuean people live in New Zealand than in Niue island itself.
  • The standard of living in this country is quite high thanks to the financial assistance of New Zealand.
  • There are no beaches here because of the steep banks and the lack of bays and lagoons.
  • Niue has its own currency called the dollar Niue, but it’s popular among collectors only. In everyday life here in the course of New Zealand dollars.
  • And there is also a football team 🙂

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