23 interesting facts about Pitcairn

Facts abut Pitcairn

Pitcairn is a small  island lost in the vast expanses of the Pacific ocean. The first inhabitants came on it by chance, and since then, the hitherto uninhabited island overgrown its history.

Top facts about Pitcairn

  1. Pitcairn Islands is the only overseas possession of Great Britain in the Pacific ocean region.
  2. The archipelago consists of five Islands.
  3. People here live on one island called Pitcairn only. Its area is about 4.5 square kilometers.
  4. The first inhabitants of Pitcairn were rebellious sailors from the ship “Bounty” and women from Tahiti captured by them. The history of the mutiny on “Bounty” is widely covered in the literature.
  5. The Pitcairn Islands are the least densely populated territory in the world. There were only 56 people living here in 2014 .
  6. Pitcairn doesn’t have regular transport links with other countries.
  7. The only settlement here is Adamstown.
  8. New Zealand dollar is used here as a valid money.
  9. The total area of the Islands is 46,5 square kilometers.
  10. There’s only one source of fresh water here. It’s located on the largest island, near Adamstown.
  11. Locals don’t have mobile phones.
  12. Taxes on Pitcairn were introduced only in 1904.
  13. A maximum of 233 inhabitants here were registered in 1937.
  14. There are no airports in Pitcairn, as well as equipped seaports.
  15. The official language of Pitcairn is English, but locals speak “Pitcairn English” which was formed of two languages: English of the 18th century and Tahitian.
  16. Pitcairn Islands has its own Internet domain .pn.
  17. Public works on the island are compulsory for all residents between the ages of 16 and 65.
  18. There are no cafes or restaurants on the Pitcairn Islands.
  19. Pitcairn periodically issues local coins which have pretty high value among a collectors.
  20. The island has a satellite phone and radio.
  21. Internet connection speed of 128 kbit/s on Pitcairn is also available.
  22. Every year Pitcairn visits about ten cruise ships. However, they usually stop here for a few hours only.
  23. Education in the Pitcairn Islands is free and compulsory for everyone.