Facts about Nauru

30 Interesting Facts About Nauru

Nauru is a small island inhabited by Nauruans, local indigenous people. This tiny piece of land has a surprisingly eventful history…

Top facts about Nauru

  • Nauru is a small island state isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Local residents are considered to be the thickest in the world. According to statistics, about 95% of the population here has varying degrees of obesity.
  • Nauru has no capital.
  • Only a bit more than 10 thousand people live here.
  • The unemployment rate in Nauru is one of the highest in the world, with over 80%.
Nauru island
Nauru island
  • Nauru land area is about 8.1 sq. miles (21 sq. km) only. Well, at least that’s 10 times larger than Monaco! 🙂
  • Almost all goods in Nauru are imported here.
  • The island has problems with freshwater, and it is delivered here by tankers from Australia.
  • Also, Australia hosts refugee camps here and pays for that.
  • Nauru has only two hotels.
  • The island is visited by several hundred tourists a year on average.
  • Nauru hasn’t any regular passenger services with other countries.
  • The Republic of Nauru is the smallest island nation in the world.
  • Nauru is also the smallest country outside Europe.
  • There are 2 official languages, English and Nauru.

  • 90% of locals here are ethnic Nauruans.
  • The writing of the Nauruan language is based on the Latin alphabet.
  •  About 90% of the forest on Nauru had been cut down during the 80s as a result of active mining of the phosphate rock.
  • 80% of Nauru’s territory is a lifeless wasteland nowadays.
  • During the 80s of the last century, while the above-mentioned phosphorites were actively mined, the Republic of Nauru was one of the richest countries in the world.
Nauru facts
Port of Nauru
  • Over the next decade, Nauru set a record by moving from the first world to the third world in record time.
  • Nauru has two fishing vessels. Yep, only two 🙂
  • The total length of roads in Nauru is lesser than 25 miles (40 km).
  • Nauru has an airport and its own airline, which owns two old “Boeings”.
  • There’s a railroad here, but its length is 1.8 miles (3.9 km) only, and it’s abandoned.
  • Nauru doesn’t have any public transport.
  • There’s only one radio station on the island.
  • Nauru got access to the Internet in 1998.
  • Education is free of charge here. However, local youth prefer to go to Australia to get an education.
  • The island doesn’t have its own higher education institutions, but there is a branch of the University of the South Pacific, where people can study in absentia.

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