Facts about Vatican

24 Interesting Facts About Vatican

The Vatican is a real repository of priceless monuments of history and culture, among other things, and this tiny theocratic state is respected throughout the world because of its influence on Catholics, which are very many in several dozens of countries.

Top facts about the Vatican

  • The Vatican is an enclave state located in Rome.
  • It has its own” army ” — the famous Swiss guardians.
  • Also, it has its own money and stamps.
  • The Vatican is the smallest state in the world among the recognized ones.
  • This country doesn’t have a divorce procedure, the annulment of marriage is only possible here.
  • The state border has a total length of 1.86 mi (3.2 km).
Facts about Vatican
Vatican view
  • Amazing fact: the Vatican officially acquitted Galileo accused of heresy only in 1992.
  • The Embassy of Italy in the Vatican is located on the territory of Italy, so it’s really unique.
  • The local state system is a theocratic monarchy.
  • The head of state is the Pope elected by the Council of cardinals for life.
  • 100% of the local population are Catholics.
  • In the entire history of the Vatican, about one and a half hundred marriages only were concluded on its territory.

  • The Vatican has its own football team.
  • Local authorities have digitized their entire library and made it available to all who wish to use it free of charge.
  • The literacy rate in the Vatican is 100%.
  • The Vatican is a state never threatened by any natural disasters.
  • The total area of the Vatican is 0.44 square kilometers only. That’s 5 times lesser than the area of the Principality of Monaco (top facts about Monaco).
  • The Vatican has its own railroad with a length of 852 meters.
Inside Vatican
Inside St. Pater’s Basilica of the Vatican
  • The Vatican is the only country in the world where no children were born in 1983.
  • This country doesn’t have its own agriculture. All food here is imported.
  • But there is a radio station that broadcasts around the world in more than twenty languages.
  • There are only 78 titles on a Vatican local map.
  • The only sports facility here is a tennis court.
  • There’s a Sports street here. In fact, that’s just a narrow path leading to the court mentioned above.

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