27 interesting facts about Monaco

Facts about Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is a tiny but very prosperous state. It has an impressive long history and original culture, and all this is located on very modest area.

Top facts about Monaco

  1. Monaco is the smallest state in the world excepting Vatican.
  2. However, he population density in Monaco is the highest.
  3. The area of Monaco is only two square kilometers. Well, a little bit more 🙂
  4. About thirty thousand foreigners working in Monaco come here every day to work from France.
  5. 80% of people living here are immigrants.
  6. If the princely dynasty in this country will be interrupted for any reason, the state will go under French control.
  7. Protection of the principality is carried out by France.
  8. Monaco is one of the few countries where you can use real military weapons in movie-making process.
  9. This country has no external public debt.
  10. Local citizens are not allowed to visit a casino. All casinos are for foreigners only.
  11. There is only one University in Monaco.
  12. Almost the entire territory of country can be seen by police video cameras.
  13. The crime rate in Monaco is one of the lowest on the planet.
  14. The national orchestra of the principality is bigger than its army.
  15. Monaco has the highest police-to-population ratio in the world.
  16. Officially the country was created in 1215.
  17. Prince of Monaco personally participated in The winter Olympic games five times, acting as a member of the national team of bobsleigh.
  18. There are offices in more than fifty different banks in Monaco.
  19. The price of real estate in Monaco will start from about thirty thousand euros per square meter.
  20. Monaco is not part of the European Union.
  21. However, the national currency in the principality is euro.
  22. The main station and most of the Monaco railway is located under the ground.
  23. The average life expectancy in Monaco is almost 90 years. Pretty impressive! 🙂
  24. The native inhabitants of Monaco, Monegasques, do not pay any taxes.
  25. The official language of the orincipality is French, but English is spoken by almost everyone. Many people here also speak Italian.
  26. Monaco’s airspace is open to helicopter flights only twenty minutes a day.
  27. Monaco is actually a city-state, without any countryside.