27 interesting facts about Monaco

Facts about Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is a tiny but really prosperous state. It has an impressive long history and original culture, and all of this is located on very compact area.

Top facts about Monaco

  • Monaco is the smallest state in the world excepting Vatican.
  • However, he population density here is the highest one.
  • The area of Monaco is only 0.77 sq. miles (2.02 sq. km). Well, a little bit more now as they keep making artificial islands 🙂
  • About 30k of foreigners employed in Monaco come here every day to work from France.
  • 80% of people living here are immigrants.
  • If the princely dynasty in this country will be interrupted for any reason, the state will go under French control.
Facts about Monaco
Monaco, Monte-Carlo
  • Protection of the principality is carried out by France.
  • Monaco is one of the few countries where you can use real military weapons in movie-making process.
  • This country has no external public debt.
  • Local citizens are not allowed to visit a casino. All casinos are for foreigners only.
  • There is only one University in Monaco.
  • Almost the entire territory of country can be seen by police video cameras.
  • The crime rate in Monaco is one of the lowest on the planet.
  • The national orchestra of the principality is bigger than its army.
  • Monaco has the highest police-to-population ratio in the world.
  • Officially the country was created in 1215.
  • Prince of Monaco personally participated in The winter Olympic games five times, acting as a member of the national team of bobsleigh.
  • There are offices in more than fifty different banks in Monaco.
  • The price of real estate in Monaco will start from about thirty thousand euros per square meter.
  • Monaco is not part of the European Union.
  • However, the national currency in the principality is euro.
  • The main station and most of the Monaco railway is located under the ground.
Monaco palace
Palace of Justice in Monaco
  • The average life expectancy in Monaco is almost 90 years. Pretty impressive! 🙂
  • The native inhabitants of Monaco, Monegasques, do not pay any taxes.
  • The official language of the orincipality is French, but English is spoken by almost everyone. Many people here also speak Italian.
  • Monaco’s airspace is open to helicopter flights only twenty minutes a day.
  • Monaco is actually a city-state, without any countryside.

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