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Facts about newts

20 Interesting Facts About Newts

Newts are found both in Europe and in America. These little creatures look similar to lizards, but in fact, they are very different from them. Land newts are also sometimes called salamanders.

Facts about copper

35 Interesting Facts About Copper

It is impossible to imagine modern technologies without copper. This metal is used in various fields of industry, and humanity consumes it a lot! Fortunately, copper isn’t toxic, and therefore it doesn’t bring any harm to the environment.

Facts about ferns

20 Interesting Facts About Ferns

Ferns are one of the oldest plant species on Earth. They arose as a result of evolution millions of years ago and have changed only slightly since then. They are still important in the culture of some countries.

Facts about soil

25 Interesting Facts About Soil

The efficiency of agriculture and cattle breeding depends on the soil, so some regions of the Earth are more fertile than others. Unfortunately, improper use of the soil often leads to the desertification of vast territories that turn into barren wastelands.

Facts about B-17 Flying Fortress

20 facts About The B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress military aircraft has rightfully earned its name. It was widely used by the US Air Force during the Second World War, having proven itself from the best side. The combination of innovative weapons and reliable armor made the B-17 one of the best bombers of its time.

Facts about lead

25 Interesting Facts About Element Lead

Lead has been widely used by mankind since ancient times, but our ancestors didn’t know that this metal is not only useful but also extremely toxic. The number of victims of lead pollution is estimated at millions of people, and it is constantly growing.