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Joseph Haydn

20 Interesting Facts About Joseph Haydn

The Austrian composer Joseph Haydn made an invaluable contribution to the development of classical music. He was once one of the most popular composers in Europe, despite the fact that he spent a significant part of his life working for only one noble family.

Otto von Bismarck

25 Interesting Facts About Otto von Bismarck

Famous Otto von Bismarck, also known as “Iron Chancellor”, was one of the most impressive figures in the history of the XIX century. He was an experienced diplomat and a skilled politician, and his influence in Germany was really huge.

Facts about Winston Churchill

19 Interesting Facts About Churchill

Many Britons consider Winston Churchill the greatest of their compatriots, and we have to admit that they have good reason to do so. Churchill lived a very interesting life full of important decisions and immense responsibility.

Facts about Archimedes

22 Interesting Facts About Archimedes

Only a little is known about Archimedes’ life, though still more than about some of the other great minds of bygone times. Being a truly brilliant man, he forever wrote his biography in history as a talented inventor and an outstanding scientist.

Facts about Euclid

11 Interesting Facts About Euclid

The mathematician Euclid, who lived in Ancient Greece, was one of the most outstanding minds of his time. Despite the rudimentary state of many sciences at the time, this man was able to take a new look at the concept of space and largely laid the foundations of modern mathematics.