Facts about Makemake

20 Fun Facts About Makemake

The dwarf planet Makemake is interesting for its unusual chemical composition. However, it is too far from Earth to think about sending a spacecraft there in the next dozens of years. But there is no doubt that sooner or later a brave astronaut will step on the surface of this celestial body.

Dwarf planets

35 Interesting Facts About Dwarf Planets

Dwarf planets are similar to regular ones, but their gravity power is too low to let them take a dominant position in their surroundings. At the same time, they can theoretically exceed the size of ordinary planets, although there are no such examples yet.


40 Interesting Facts About Pluto

Despite the fact that Pluto has lost its status as a planet, the interest of scientists in it hasn’t faded. Several unmanned spacecrafts will explore its surface in next decade, and we will undoubtedly learn a lot about it. Exploring Pluto may shed light on the mystery surrounding the origin of the Solar System.


50 Interesting Facts About Mercury

The planet Mercury is almost unexplored until now. Getting there is a difficult task, and any spacecraft approaching it will have to withstand the monstrous temperature due to the proximity of the Sun. But perhaps, human settlements will be built on Mercury someday… Who can say for sure now?


40 Interesting Facts About Saturn

The gas planet Saturn attracts the attention of many astronomers because of its rings. It is It’s known now that other gas giants have rings also, but in the past, Saturn was considered utterly unique. Perhaps, his rings will become a source of valuable resources for humanity in the future.

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