20 interesting facts about Tuvalu

Facts about Tuvalu

The Polynesian state of Tuvalu, once known as the “Ellice Islands”, was a former colony that once formed an administrative entity with the Islands of Kiribati. It got its current name after separation from them.

Top facts about Tuvalu

  • The small island state of Tuvalu has established diplomatic relations with USA, Russia, Australia and only few other countries.
  • There aren’t any railways here.
  • Total length of paved roads in Tuvalu is 8 kilometers only.
  • Sale of Tuvalu domain names (.tv) brings a significant contribution to the local treasury.
  • Tuvalu is located on nine small atolls.
Tuvalu facts
Oceanview in Tuvalu
  • The highest point of the country is located at an altitude of 15 feet (5 meters) above sea level.
  • Tuvalu is the third most populous country since the end (about 12k people). Only Nauru an Vatican has smaller population (top facts about Nauru).
  • Only about one hundred foreigners live in Tuvalu.
  • There is one airport here but the air traffic there is irregular, planes fly to the islands of Fiji only.
  • The soil of Tuvalu is subject to coastal erosion, besides the country is threatened by flooding.
  • Tuvalu has one primary school and one high school.
  • There aren’t any political parties here.
  • Officially the head of Tuvalu is the reigning monarch of Great Britain.
  • State economy here is based on fishing.
  • Tuvalu officially gained independence from the UK in 1978.
Flag of Tuvalu
Flag of Tuvalu
  • The area of the whole country is only 10 sq. miles (26 sq. km).
  • Climate in Tuvalu is very equable, the average temperature hovers around 28-30 degree all year long. Amazing! 🙂
  • Once a powerful hurricane knocked down more than 90% of all trees on Tuvalu.
  • There are no rivers here. Locals get fresh water collecting it during the rain into special tanks.
  • People in Tuvalu bury the dead in the yard, right near the house.

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